Work With Us

We at Falvon have an open-hand policy with anybody that wants to join us. We have extensive due diligence action in place. However, we only work with individuals/companies with good business ethics and display Professionalism and Knowledge. This means if you reach Falvon you must have proper knowledge about the commodity you inquire about. We will not work with you if you lack basic knowledge. We expect you to have full knowledge about Incoterms such as (FOB– Free On Board, CFR– Cost and freight, EXW– Ex Works) and other payment instruments (LOls– Letter of Intent, ICPOs– Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Offer). We will not send previous/past documents it is unprofessional and un-lawful and such no company should forward documents about clients and transactions. We expect you to do the appropriate due diligence and have detailed information about your company, website, corporate profile, registered office address, and working phone numbers at first before e-mailing or calling for inquiries and documents. At Falvon due diligence is our foundation.