Bitumen or Asphalt is a black in color and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of crude oil. This product is found both in natural deposits or is refined. The leading use of bitumen/asphalt (about 70%) is in road construction where it is used to create asphalt concrete with added particles. Other main uses are for waterproofing products, roofing, and sealing. Falvon offers a full range of high-quality bituminous products which include Paving Bitumen, Viscosity Bitumen, Conventional Bitumen, PEN grade Bitumen, Cutback Bitumen, Industrial Bitumen, Fluxed Bitumen, Polymer Modified bitumen (PMB), Bitumen Paints and other Bitumen products. The most common grades of Bitumen we supply are Grade 85/100, Bitumen Grade 80/100, Bitumen grade 60/70, Bitumen grade 40/50, and Bitumen grade 50/70 for Road Construction.