Pulses are the dried edible seeds of specific plants in the legume family. Canada has become the world leader in pulse trade, meeting the needs of over 130 markets around the globe. The four main types of pulses grown in Canada are chickpeas, dry peas, beans, and lentils. Chickpeas are a nutrient-dense food providing a heavy content of protein, fibre, and having specific minerals and vitamins. Falvon are suppilers of premium quality Garbanzo Beans as know as Kabuli Chickpeas. We are also exporting in Whole and Split Desi Chickpeas. Lentils is a small seed belonging to the legume family. Canada is an prime exporter and producer of lentils. The most commonly grown lentils in Canada are the red lentil and green lentil. The nutritional value is highly great with only 100 grams of raw lentils containing 11% fibre, 25% protein, and 1% fat. Lentil seeds are also good sources of various vitamins and minerals such as calcium, folate, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium. Falvon is a exporter of Red Whole and Split Lentils, Laird, Eston, Richler Green Lentils and Yellow Split Lentils. We are also exporters of other commodities of The Legume family such as Peas, and Beans.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds generally about 1 to 2 mm in diameter and may be coloured from yellowish white to black. Mustard seeds are a rich source of protein and oil. The seed has oil as high as 46-48%, and whole seed meal has 43-44% protein. It carries a healthy amount of minerals and vitamins. Canada grows three types of mustard seeds which are yellow, brown and oriental mustard seeds. Falvon exports supreme quality of Brown and Yellow Mustard Seeds and offers a reliable source of this commodity.


Canary Seeds

Canary seed is one of the top birdseeds in the globe. Canary seed has a appearance of small amount of blonde color. Canada is the worlds biggest exporter and producer of canary seed with bulk of it grown in Saskatchewan. When used in feed, its generally mixed with other seeds such as buckwheat, sunflower, millet, and flax to meet certain nutritions of specific birds. Falvon can supply prime Canary Seed in bulk or bagged in polypropylene bags. We are exporters of seeds that are generally mixed with canary seeds such as Flax and Sunflower Seeds.